Únor 2008

About us

7. února 2008 v 20:59 | 9.C
We would like to write you something about us. Let´s reading.
Vojta - Hi, my name is Vojta I go to primary school. I´m 16 years old. I have one younger brother. I like sports.
Tomas - Hello.My name is Thomas.I am 178 cm tall,my weight is 68 kg.My hobbies are florball,football and history.My best friends is Filip.I attend school ZŠ Studánka.I live in Pardubice.I have two brothers and one parents.I am a normal boy.
Hanka - About me Hanny . I´m 14. I have many hobbies. For example floorball, cheerleading, dancing and drawing. I´m very action person. I want to go to grammar school after primary school. I want to be a writer or journalist.
Lukas - Hi, I´m Lukas I´m 15 years old. I like eating and sleeping. I have sister.i am friendly.
Nicol - My name is Nicol I'm 15 years old. I live in Dubina and street called Ludmily Malé.
I ride on horse. I'm middle stature.My brother´s name is Tomas .
Annie - Hello, My name is Ann . I love dancing, listening and sports. I am very crazy girl.
Mony - Hello! My name is Mony.I´m 15 years old. I live in Pardubice in the Czech Republic and I go to school -Studánka. I like riding a bike and other sports and I like to go out with my friends.That´s all what I want to tell you about me.
Tery - Hi, I´m Tereza Korinkova. I´m 14 years old. Sport is my main hobby, my best sport is dancing and snowboarding.I go to Studanka school every day, I like my school very much. I love my pet, i have a dog (wicky) and guinea pig (Bubu).I don´t know, what shall I write about me. So that is all…
Filip - My name is Phil , but u can tell me "Fífa".I like floorball and football and other sports such as tennis and swimming.I have one brother and loved parents.I have many friends and too little enemies.I am small ,but I don't mind it.I am happy that I am in this school.
Kamil - Hi, My name is Camill. I have brother and guina pig. She is Kuba and I love her.
Pavlina - Hello,My name is Pouline. I'm 15 years old.I like dancing. I'm middle stature. I live in Lazne Bohdanec and street called Langrova.
Annie - Hi !! My name is Ann and I go to Studanka school too. I´m 14 years old and I live in the Czech Republic. My hobbies are playing the guitar, cheerleading, walking with my best friends and many other things … I have one younger brother. That are the most important information about me …
Deny - Hello, I´m Deny and I´m 14 years old. My hobbies are sports and pets. I have dog her name is Anji. I love her very much.
Katka - About me Kate. I´m 14. I live in Pardubice, near Hanny. My hobbies are floorball, dancing and my pet. I want to go to grammar school like Hanny. I like pizza, chocolate, languages and many others. Hanny is my best friend.
Standa - Hi. My name is Standa. I go to primary school. I am 15 years old. I like water very much. I´m a swimmer.
Petra- I´m teacher of some students from 9.C. I´m 26 years old. I like English books, tennis and swimming etc. I´m teacher for half a year and I am sattisfied here.
That´s all about us. We hope that you imagine us.